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Partially translated Japanese Otome Games to English

Partially translated Japanese Otome Games to English


Visual novel reader paved way for  translators and volunteers to easily submit translation online. All you need to do is add the game to it’s Spring Board and it will sync the in-game text with submitted translation. It could also make use of machine translators like ATLAS or LEC if there’s no fan translation available.

Here’s a list of Otome games with the most submitted translation on VNR.


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Visual Novel Reader Update #140317

Visual Novel Reader Update #140317

Glass Heart Princess

The change of web servers were the cause of the permanent”Sign-in failed” with VNR. All VNR versions downloaded before 3/1/2014 will have the same problem.  Translation were not submitted online. You need to re-download VNR again. Update #140302 fixes this.

Just fixed the server-side issue. Since the IP addresses for the new web servers are changed, all old versions of VNR before 3/1/2014 are…

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VNReader advance features 2
About the tutorial Part 2 of the advance VNreader tutorial. An all-in-one program to translate as well as submit translations for Visual Novels. I made names to important parts of the program. dividerTopics Covered:
  • Side Controls


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VNReader Advance Guide/Tutorial Part 1

VNReader Advance Guide/Tutorial Part 1

VNREADER advance tutorial
About this tutorial This advance guide and tutorial will help you setup your VNReader as well as learning to unlock its full capability as an all-in-on visual novel translation tool.  The vast options and functions are amazing and often missed out by most translators and users. The best thing to do is to explore the program! What is covered:
  • Spring Board
  • Preferences
For basics and more…

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Love Sniper Walkthrough

Love Sniper is a free visual novel created by B Dash Suisen and  translated by roseVerte.

The main…

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Blue Rose Walkthrough: Aran

Blue Rose is a commercial otome visual novel by  White Cat. Here’s Aran’s walkthough.

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Blue Rose Walkthrough: Tobias

Blue Rose is a commercial otome visual novel by  White Cat. Here’s Tobias’s walkthough.


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Miranda’s Choice: Caliban


The island that Miranda and his father lived in, actually belongs to Caliban.…

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Beta testers for Hibikino prologue patch

Creamsicle is looking for proofreaders and beta testers for (more…)

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Skights: Beta Testing

There’s an english visual novel by Joilly entitled “Skights”


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